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Are you tired of all the anti-aging bias making you wonder if your best years are behind you? I get it. I’ve been sucked into that negative thinking too!

4 years ago I felt:

  • Overweight with low energy

  • Dull, boring and less adventurous

  • Past the prime of my career

  • Skeptical and cautious about the future

  • On a decline, yet not ready to be “old”

I made a vow to be “younger next year”… and I achieved that goal each year since. Today I feel youthful, vibrant and confident, and am living my best years yet!

Hi, I’m Dori Molitor. If any of those diminishing feelings ring true for you, I’m inviting you to join this evolutionary journey with like-minded women who are ready to boost their vitality, shift their mindset, and gain clarity to create their best years yet.



  • Opportunities to see your unique magnificence through a new lens

  • Fresh new ideas to spark your playfulness and sense of adventure

  • Techniques to boost your confidence and emotional resilience

  • Inspiration to fuel your mojo and zest for life

  • Insights to leverage the gifts of aging

  • Clarity to create the future you want 


  • ‘Wine & Wisdom Wednesday' with Dori - combo happy hour and LIVE training​​​


  • The last week of each month I host a 2-hour LIVE training via Zoom at 6:00 pm Central Time, USA

  • ​These sessions are rich with 1:1 coaching, Q&A, networking and more 

  • Pre-registration required

  • Weekly FREE training via social media -    every Wednesday I post a short video with ideas and actions to boost your life



I’m excited to announce that I have seized an opportunity to

publish a book and have it on Amazon by the end of this year!  

It combines aspects of my two signature programs,

Unlock Your Purpose™ and Aging with Power™.


Watch for it in December!



What women are saying about coaching with Dori


Sherry King

“Dori is more energetic, youthful and radiant than ever. Time has nothing on her. I’m not sure what she’s been up to, but I definitely want to know her secret!”


Gail Henrickson

“I told Dori that I no longer cared much about my appearance. In her teasing way she said, “Well you should!” Inspired by her 'Aging with Power' program, I got a stylish new haircut -and even my trendy daughter lit up when

she saw me!"


Robin Oxley

Dori has a natural gift for coaching you on how

to use your talents, passions and strengths. For anyone considering her training - do it!


Terie Kendall

Dori’s energy, enthusiasm, empathy, compassion and guidance are all out of

this world!

So who am I to teach you about Aging with Power?

After 30 years as a successful entrepreneur, I thought I had it all – an internationally-recognized marketing agency, the reputation as a leading expert in marketing to women, a loving family, and a great lifestyle. But all that changed in a flash when Todd, my husband of 37 years, was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Within two months, I shuttered my agency and became his full-time caregiver.


When Todd passed five years later, I was more than exhausted – physically and emotionally. Not only had I lost my life partner … I was no longer a business owner, I was stripped of my identity and was staring at a bleak future I couldn’t possibly have imagined. In my darkest moment, I realized that I had a choice: I could either ride out the years ahead and take them as they came, or rise up and take command of my life once again. But how? Where would I even start?


And so I went on a two-year journey of discovery I called “Finding Dori.” I went through intensive trainings and workshops, read extensively, sought out mentors and coaches. When I emerged from that journey I saw myself through a new lens, and recognized the wisdom I’d earned from a lifetime of experience. At the age of 62 – rather than settling – I launched a bold new business to help women see themselves as the powerful force that they are.


I’ve distilled the learnings of my transformational journey into key elements to help women like you step into your power and live life fully … and now I want to share those insights with you in my Aging with Power™ for Women series. This empowering experience will help you feel the liberation of knowing yourself, loving yourself and being true to who you’re meant to be.

More about Dori

Dori Molitor is a Knowledge Broker trained and certified by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Her coaching leverages this training and her 30 years as the founder and owner of an internationally recognized marketing agency specializing in uncovering women’s subconscious needs and aspirations.

As a thought-leader, she has been a featured speaker for many women’s publications and organizations including Working Woman Magazine, M2W Global Summit on Marketing to Women, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, to name a few. She's had the esteemed privilege of delivering a TEDx Talk grounded in her study revealing how women have recalibrated the American Dream. Dori’s opinions and articles have been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and other leading publications.


Dori is now on a mission to help women step into their power and amplify female influencers in the world. Her signature programs include the Unlock Your Purpose™ transformational experience, and the Aging with Power™ for Women series.

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