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Welcome to the R.E.A.L Method Training

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Why is it that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are dropped by the middle of February? We start the new year and have all these hopeful goals for a new beginning, but it seems like we’re doomed to fail before we even start. Think about how many of your resolutions are on the list year after year, with little or no progress.


If you’re ready to change this pattern and make 2022 the launch of your best year yet, then join the Aging with Power™ Summit on February 12. Join other like-minded women who are ready to boost their confidence, gain clarity and create a resilient plan for their bigger, happier life.

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Audio book with 5 pre-recorded audio trainings and accompanying printable worksheets ONLY $11.11


Included with the audio book you also get these trainings:

  • The “R.E.A.L Method” to shift your mindset

  • “Unlock your Superpowers” to recognize your magnificence

  • “Embrace your Challenges” to honor your wisdom

  • “Gain Clarity” to help you define your happier life

  • “Map Your Path Forward” to create your best years yet

Bonus: 12 Minutes to Boost Confidence printable guide


Would you prefer the audio version of Happiness Mindset? With the audio version you get Dori guiding you through the training, tips, and “Make it Happen!” ideas. Now you can experience this empowering training without being tied to your digital device.

Click here to grab the Happiness Mindset audio book and worksheets Bundle
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