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Do you want to kick-off the new decade finally living a life with greater meaning and fulfillment, but don’t know where to start or how to make the shift?  Then...


Gaining Clarity – Map your Fulfilling Future in 2 Hours is a workshop for you!  It's a proven process to help you gain pinpoint focus on what YOUR more meaningful and fulfilling life looks like, and specific action to make it reality.


As a New Year Special you can secure a seat in this virtual workshop at never before offered savings.



Gaining Clarity – Map your Fulfilling Future in 2 Hours is a virtual, interactive workshop that is the best return-on-time you will find. 


Outcomes for this Workshop Include:

  • Clarity on what a happy and fulfilling life looks like for YOU

  • Identification of goals and priorities to take your life to the next level 

  • Discovery of your “why” to fuel momentum and keep you on course

  • A Plan with immediate, actionable next steps


With this New Year Special you can get a seat in this Gaining Clarity Workshop valued at $399 for only $111.  PLUS a FREE BONUS of an additional 2-hour small group coaching session AND a 1-hour 1:1 coaching session.


That’s a total of 5-hours of small group and 1:1 coaching, valued at $999 for only $111.


Limited to 10 people per group for maximum intimacy and coaching time.

This workshop is FOR you if:

  • You have achieved success (based on societal narrow definition), but are not feeling personally fulfilled

  • You want a more meaningful life but you have limited time and just are not sure where/how to start 

  • You feel outside influences/demands keep hijacking your happier, more fulfilling future

  • You feel like you’re running on a treadmill going nowhere, and you’re having a difficult time hitting pause to recalibrate


This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing (or able) to step into a bigger future at this time

  • You feel you have healthy boundaries and your life is in balance

  • You’re not willing to play all in during the live coaching sessions

  • You’re okay with settling for the life you have



Dates:  Maximum 10 participants per group


Option 1: 

Workshop: Wed., Jan. 22, 2020; 5:30 – 7:30 pm CST (U.S.)

Follow-up group coaching:  Thur., Jan. 30, 2020; 5:30 – 7:30 pm CST (U.S.)

Individual 1:1 coaching – TBD



Option 2

Workshop: Tues., Feb. 11, 2020; 5:30 – 7:30  pm CST (U.S.)

Follow-up group coaching:  Wed., Feb. 19, 2020; 5:30 – 7:30 pm CST (U.S.)

Individual 1:1 coaching – TBD



The 2-hour training workshop will be recorded so if you cannot make the live session, you will still have access to the training video.

Location: Virtual Meeting Room via Zoom



If you complete the course and don’t have clarity on what your more fulfilling life looks like and a plan of action to get there, I will give you FREE access to the course again, along with 1-hour of FREE 1:1 coaching to personally guide you in the process.  PLUS I will give you FREE access to my 30-day signature workshop –  My Purpose Blueprint valued at $1,997.  That’s right, $3,296 of FREE workshops and coaching.


There are no hidden terms to this guarantee.  Simply show up prepared and ready to play all in, and if you still feel unclear about how to hit your stated goals, you will get additional courses and coaching valued at $3,296.


Offer expires January 31, 2020 or when seats are sold out.



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