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I'm in.

How often does something that’s free have the potential to impact the direction of your life? This may sound like a big promise, but I’ve witnessed it time and time again.

For this reason, I'm offering these powerful tools to guide you to your bigger happier life!

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I love this exercise! I do it twice a year to make sure that I stay focused on the right priorities as my life changes and evolves.  
- Alexandra W.




Happiness is personal and unique to each individual. What may be satisfying to you, may be stressful or unimportant for someone else. This “Wheel of Life” digital tool helps you assess eight categories that define the most important aspects in your life. It guides you to identify the key areas where you can gain the greatest boost in satisfaction and joy.

Assessing your life can reveal the key 'needle-movers' to achieve exponential happiness.

This 17 page e-workbook provides guidance to prioritize and articulate specific goals and actions to improve happiness. It includes the Wheel of Life assessment tool, reproduceable planning sheets, weekly trackers, journal pages and affirmation cards to shift your mindset and achieve the life you deserve.




Motivation to change is driven either by pain in your life, or by wanting more. Whether you want to move away from discomfort, or move toward greater happiness, it begins by gaining clarity on where you are and where you want to go.


In this free training I coach you step by step through the Gaining Clarity process and provide personal examples as guidance. I learned this powerful tool during my Knowledge Broker training with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

To get where you want to go, you need to know where you’re starting from.

This is one of five bonus coaching videos included in my Amazon #1 Best Seller, HAPPINESS MINDSET: 6 Secrets for Aging with Power!”  This is far more than just another personal development book. It reveals six transformational secrets that will shift your mindset, build your confidence, and boost your happiness.


The more clear and meaningful your goals, the greater your likelihood of success. Grab this free Gaining Clarity training video and worksheet today.

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I gained a major ‘Aha!' insight in this Clarity training. Dori breaks down a very overwhelming thought process into simple steps. I loved the content and her coaching style.  
Karli W.


12 MINUTES A DAY to Ignite Your Zest for Life

How would you like empowering ideas to spark more joy in your life and put a spring in your step … in just 12 Minutes a Day?


We all experience people or situations that knock us off course. These three worksheets feature a variety of ideas and activities that dial up your ‘fun meter,’ build your resilience, and protect your confidence.


Little changes over time lead to big results.


These three worksheets were inspired by my 12 MINUTES a day to a Happiness Mindset! guided journal. The 120 pages are filled with beautiful imagery, inspirational messaging, and journaling prompts to help you reflect and dream. It’s not an ordinary journal full of repetitive content. It breaks the mold.




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I'm on a mission to inspire and guide women to be all they're meant to be, thereby amplifying women's influence in the world.


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