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Dori Molitor is a master storyteller who weaves anecdotes and lessons learned from a remarkable life into her speaking, training, coaching and mentoring.


From the walls of a one-room schoolhouse to the halls of the U.S. Congress ... from leaving corporate America as her career was peaking to start a new business with only a phone, a desk and a dream ... from rising from the despair of a personal loss to discovering her true life purpose ... Dori freely offers her authentic self to others.

Her mission is to inspire and guide women to be all they're meant to be, thereby amplifying women's influence in the world.


She is the Amplifier of Joy on a quest to enhance happiness, confidence, fulfillment, and a zest for life in her speaking and workshop audiences.


Dori is uniquely qualified to address the challenges and opportunities that women encounter in the workplace and in their daily lives. She draws on her 30 years leading an internationally recognized agency devoted to uncovering women's subconscious needs, desires and motivations.

Her speaking style captivates the audience as she interweaves her message and training with personal experiences along an unlikely path from a small Minnesota dairy farm to the national stage.


Coach | Speaker | #1 Best Selling Author


 TEDx Featured Speaker
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Amazon #1 Best Seller

Dori's enthusiasm, authenticity, energy, personality, wealth of knowledge and ability to draw from her life experiences ... it's all perfect.

- Theresa K.


From intimate empowerment sessions to large audience engagement

Dori’s signature speaking style engages people by interacting with them on a personal level. Whether for an internal circle of leaders or a keynote speech at a national conference, her natural enthusiasm infuses her delivery and animates her topic. Dori has spoken for an array of clients and events, on a wide range of topics and in varied event formats.

Result-focused topics

With three decades as an entrepreneurial business owner, Dori knows that taking time for personal development has to make a difference. Her topics are customized to each situation to achieve the desired outcome. Here are some idea starters:
  • Why Purpose is the key ingredient to loving your life and work

  • How to engage your rising stars to accelerate organizational success

  • How a Set-back can actually be a Set-up for your next-level opportunity

  • Unlock your Superpowers to accelerate professional success and personal happiness

  • The perils and prizes of entrepreneurship

  • 6 Secrets for aging with power​

  • How a Purposeful Personal Brand can help you stand out and rise above

  • How to use a proven technique to overcome limiting beliefs and get the outcome you want

  • Why "good enough" is never enough

  • Gaining clarity for a life you love living

  • The path to revealing your unique Purpose

  • Marketing to women insights based on gender-driven subconscious preferences and motivators



American Marketing Association

Dartmouth College Women in Business

Forum of Executive Women

General Mills Executive Team

General Mills Alumni Conference

Insurance Network America

Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide

Marketing to Women Global Summit

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits


National Association of Women Business Owners


Sales & Marketing Executives International

St. Catherine University


UnitedHealth Group Women’s Health Forum

UnitedHealth Group Marketing to Women Workshop

University of Minnesota Entrepreneurship Club

I'm on a mission to inspire and guide women to be all they're meant to be, thereby amplifying women's influence in the world.

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