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Now available as video training!

Do any of these ring true for you...

  • Do you feel that your best years may be behind you?

  • Do you wish you felt more vitality in everyday life and more optimistic about the future?

  • Do you sometimes feel ‘stuck’ and unsure how to look forward with greater confidence and zest for life?

I get it. I use to feel:

  • Skeptical and cautious about the future

  • Dull, boring and less adventurous

  • Past the prime of my life

  • Unsure what my happier life would look like

It was at that point I made a vow to take control of my state of mind, and move forward with optimism, vitality and intention. With learned insights and an actionable plan, I’ve achieved that goal each year since – and now I’m living a happier life than I ever imagined!


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In my book HAPPINESS MINDSET: 6 Secrets for Aging with Power! I share key learnings from my two years of inner discovery to help women like you bolster your confidence, vitality and fulfillment.


I’m not about serving up “feel good” stuff – I’m about impact and results.

Now you can experience the empowering concepts  from my #1 Best Seller through
dynamic video training

Do it on your schedule ... no need to show up at a specific time or day.


Experience the enthusiasm, storytelling and inspirational coaching style directly from Dori. This training is life changing, for a crazy low price.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

OUTCOMES from this program

  • Clarity about what a happy and fulfilling life would look like for you

  • A life-changing skill to master your mindset and create the outcomes you want

  • An assessment tool to prioritize areas in your life to make the greatest impact 

  • Techniques to boost your courage and confidence to enhance happiness

  • An actionable plan that prioritizes your primary 'needle movers' to create the future you want

  • A tracking tool to stay accountable and maintain forward momentum

& Happiness

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Engaging, Inspiring
& Results-driven

HOW it works

  • Do it at your own pace … on your schedule!

  • Includes six training modules that cover each chapter. Each module includes coaching on the concepts, inspiration and Make It Happen ideas!, plus a Bonus coaching video for you to reveal personal insights and define action.

  • Bonus trainings include:​
    • Secret 1: Master Your Mindset - The R.E.A.L. Method​ training
    • Secret 2: Recognize your Magnificence - Unlock Your Superpowers tool
    • Secret 3: Honor Your Wisdom - Embrace Your Challenges tool
    • Secret 4: Know Your Life Purpose - Gain Clarity training
    • Secret 5: Plan Your Happy Life - Map Your Path Forward planning tool
    • Secret 6: Know, Love & Be True to Yourself - Fuel Momentum​ training​​

  • Access to the all video training for one year

  • Price is ONLY $48

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There is no more brilliant, life changing, easy to assimilate book on the market than what Dori Molitor has produced. This is more than a book about 'aging with power.' It's a book about living with power and purpose. Just amazing!

- S. Johnson

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I grew up on a small dairy farm in rural Minnesota as one of 12 children  – nine girls and three boys. With the girls outnumbering the boys 3:1, there weren’t boy jobs or girl jobs. Summer fieldwork on our farm could be summed up by ‘a bikini and a tractor’ – that was how we rolled.   

Our Century Farm was founded in 1860 by my great-great-grandfather. I went to the same one-room schoolhouse that was founded by my great-grandfather. In this setting one teacher taught 1st to 8th grade, with a total of 15 students in the school.

My gift, my passion, my purpose is to be The Amplifier. This quality has driven me throughout my life, and helped me leap from the walls of a one-room schoolhouse to the halls of the U.S. Congress at the age of 19.

Empowering and bringing joy to women has been instrumental throughout my career … from a legislative aide in Congress as a young adult … to a marketing strategist in corporate America ... to owning an internationally recognized agency … and now to leading a transformational coaching business like no other.

I am the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of HAPPINESS MINDSET: 6 Secrets for Aging with Power!, and a complementary guided journal. I’m a Knowledge Broker trained and certified by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

My coaching work leverages 30 years as the owner of an agency specializing in uncovering women’s subconscious needs and aspirations. As a thought leader, I have had the privilege of delivering a TEDx Talk, being featured in leading publications, and serving as keynote speaker for numerous notable events.


I am on a mission to help women step into their power and amplify female influencers in the world.

The Amplifier of Joy


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